Organic Cosmetics Production

Certified organic ingredients

Organic cosmetics production

We produce certified organic cosmetics containing the highest quality ingredients

An organic cosmetic is a cosmetic made with ingredients of natural origin that contains a very high concentration of ingredients from organic farming certified according to EEC Regulation 2092/91, GMO-free, without pesticides, dyes, and with perfume obtained exclusively from natural essences.

Organic cosmetics use only natural components, such as phytoextracts, floral waters from the distillation of aromatic plants, vegetable oils, essential oils, mother tinctures, etc.

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Certified organic ingredients

In order to be defined as the ingredients of “organic” cosmetics in English “organics” they must necessarily be certified according to international community regulations and therefore submit to the control of an authorized body.

We at Egeria Pharm are specialized in the formulation and production of organic cosmetics and we will be happy to help you develop your idea, creating for you a certified high quality organic product with your brand.

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