Egeria Pharm

Cosmetics production for third parties

About Us

Think of a cosmetic, we realize it!

Egeria Pharm, renamed Egeria Natural in 1991, was born from the experience of Egeria Chemical, a cosmetic production laboratory aimed at the research and production of cosmetics for third parties

Configure your new cosmetic product

Production process

PlanificationThe meeting with the customer allows us to fully understand the idea he wants to implement, planning the entire production cycle.
CompositionWe study the chemical-physical composition most suitable for the formulation of the product, optimizing the final result.
DevelopingWe develop the project using high quality raw materials, keeping the personal identity of the customer’s idea unchanged.
PackagingEach product is accompanied by a personalized packaging, made with materials compatible
with the product itself.
GraphicsWe assist the customer in creating the logo, label and final appearance of the package.
Writing textsThe labels and texts of the various packs will be printed in compliance with all legal requirements.
Regulatory AssistanceProduct and brand registration with guided assistance according to law.
ShippingOnce packaged, we certify the product according to current regulations, and send it packaged to the indicated location.


We help cosmetic companies design and implement their strategic project through the creation of quality products.

We give unlimited opportunities to sector operators and distributors from different sectors. We are the most important third party cosmetic company in Sicily, recognized for the flexibility of the offer (small, medium and large productions) and the value of the proposal.