Cosmetics Production For Third Parties

Value and Quality


When we talk about the production of cosmetics for third parties, we refer to the creation of customized cosmetics, made in certified cosmetic laboratories.

For those who entrust the production of their cosmetics externally it is important to know that the third party cosmetics production company   will be able to guarantee certainty and quality in the long term, building together a relationship of trust not only between company and company but also with the its target customers.

The specialization in the  production of cosmetics for third parties , in particular in the production of creams, alcoholic perfumery, emulsions and gels for the treatment of the face and body.

Particularly interesting productions are represented by the skin care lines, for children, solar, hydroalcoholic gels.


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Research and development

The Research and Development Laboratory  is the beating heart of the company: thanks to a qualified team, the Laboratory is able to develop new products in a short time and to satisfy the customer’s needs in terms of quality and price.

The ingredients of “organic” cosmetics in English “organics” to be defined as such must necessarily be certified according to international community regulations and therefore undergo the control of an authorized body.

We at Egeria Pharm specialize in the formulation and production of cosmetics and we will be happy to help you develop your idea, creating for you a high quality certified organic product with your brand.

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